Residential & Commercial  Demolition
  • Bulk and detailed excavation as required for multistorey residential apartment blocks, and unique private residential projects.

  • Early earth works projects.

  • Grading, trimming, proof rolling/compacting and all backfilling works,and asbestos work.

  • Everything from the soft strip of a small retail unit and partial strip for refurbishment to heavy demolition of multistorey buildings; reinforced concrete, steel, brick etc.

  • Detailed strip-out/demolition works as required on vibration and noise sensitive projects.

  • Asbestos removal works.

  • Detailed demolition.

  • Structural demolition.

  • Internal strip-outs.

  • Tenancy make-goods.

  • Concrete cutting and coring.

  • Asbestos removal and disposal.

Bulk & Detailed Earthworks
  • Site clearance.

  • Site Cuts using state of the art laser level rotary rotating beams.

  • Bulk excavation in all materials including heavy-duty rock.

  • Detailed excavation in all materials including heavy-duty rock.

  • Site remediation and removal of contaminated materials.

  • Battering works.

  • Grading, trimming, proof rolling/compacting and all backfilling works.

  • Bulk earthworks (small – large).

  • Detailed earthworks.

  • Site remediation.

  • Car parks.

  • Services (sewer, water, gas, electrical).

  • Commercial, industrial slab preparation.

  • Foundation excavation.

  • Land clearing.

  • Fill/rubbish removal.

Equipment Hire
  • 5-22 Ton excavators

  • Semi Tipper Trucks

  • Hooklift Trucks

  • Tipper Trucks

  • 6-35m3 Hooklift Bins

  • Sieve Attachment Buckets

  • Grabber Attachments

  • Concrete Rippers

  • Wide Variety Mud Buckets



Trusted Experts In Residential Demolition & Earthworks In Melbourne

MASA Group are the demolition experts that Melbourne households and businesses trust. We are locals from Melbourne delivering top quality services for all our clients. We provide you with a complete package for all your projects and developments. We carefully plan out each step, execute a high quality service, and always deliver on time. We deliver the following

  • Fully structured plan that meets your project requirements

  • Latest technology and equipment that can handle all types of demolition and excavation projects and developments

  • Environmentally conscious company with links to recycling landfills and stations across Melbourne

  • Specialists in residential demolition and house demolition projects

  • Can also handle commercial and building developments

  • Focused and professional team that is dedicated to delivering

  • Following the safety procedures of WorkSafe to ensure a smooth process

  • Will be with you from the start to finish of every project



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